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Echoes (Original Version) - Oliver Koletzki And Fran
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It´s late at night
I´m still awake
Though I´m a scientist
No need to analyse this

I will remember this for sure - this very night that changed it all
You stroked my thigh and made me fall in love again
Your burning eyes have asked for more
One secret kiss and I will go but then you followed me and placed your heart in my hand

I will remember this for sure when we were standing at the bathroom-door
Your face so close to mine before we both nearly gave in
Allow our hungry hearts to love, leave it to powers above
I was too scared to let it happen and too scared to begin

Who would have known that this moment would echo in my heart
Ever since ever since we almost touched
We almost loved

Do you remember this at all?
When you revealed your wounds and scars
It was the act of your sincerity that melted my heart
So I embrace whatever there has been, inhale the smell of your skin
And then I realize that this was the beginning of love

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Видеоролик к песне Echoes (Original Version) - Oliver Koletzki And Fran – Echoes (Original Version)
Исполнитель: Oliver & Fran Koletzki
Трек: Echos
Label: Stil VOR Талант
Распространение: Слово и звук / Rough Trade / Zebralution
Дата выпуска: 04.10.2010
Видео от Бьерна Störig
Этот трек часть альбома
"Oliver Koletzki & Fran - LoveStoned"
Дата выхода 03.09.2010

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