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Is it Love? - Nadia Ali
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Iio - Is It Love? (Lyrics)

I never knew a love
A love that could be sweeter
No matter what my mind says
Your music gives me fever
The moment that we danced
Your arms felt like a cradle
And when you took my hand
I was no longer able
It never felt so right before
I need to be with you much more
I can't believe this kind of fate
We can runaway...
Is it love?
I'm always in a spell
Even when I sleeping
You're always on my mind
I hope that I'm not dreaming
If I am let me stay asleep
Don't wake me up I feel complete
I never want to feel it end
What a lovely moment
I wanna give you my love
I wanna make love to you
I wanna be right next to you
I wanna be in love with you

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