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Talk about minecraft (песня про майнкрафт) - Minecraft
майнкрафт песня про

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My world is created, it's different every time
I start inside a box, the world on the outside
The sun is going down soon, I better go inside
I cover up the door, so I can wait and hide.

The mine is so dark now, it's hard to even see,
The tunnel's getting black, im almost out of trees,
I go back for more coal, and find there's nothing left
But theres something in the dark, and I think it's after me.

CHORUS Minecraft, im talkin bout Minecraft, talkin bout mine craft, talking bout minecraft X2

It's been all of night now, and I haven't heard a sound
I can't see outside, is there anyone around
I need to leave here soon, before it's night again
I open up the door, and the creeper is let in.

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