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You Can't Touch This(Ost Трансформеры 4) - MC Hammer
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U cant touch this
My, my, my, my
Music htis me so hard
Make me cry Oh, my Lord
Thank you for blessing
Me with a mind
And two hyped feet
It feels god when I know youre down
A superdape home boy from the Oak-town
And Im known as such
And this is a beat ah

U cant touch this
I told U home boy
U cant touch this
Yeah, thats how were livin and U know
U cant touch this
Look in my eyes, man
U cant touch this
Here, let me bust the funky lyrics
U cant touch this

Break it down
Fresh new kicks and pants
U got it like that now
U know U wanna dance
So, move out of your seat
And get a fly girl
And catch this beat
While its rollin
Hold on, pump a little bit
And let them know
Its going on like that
Like that cold on a mission
So fall on back
Let em know that youre too much
And this is a beat
U cant touch this


Give me a song, or rhythm
Makin em sweat
Thats what Im giving em
Now they know
U talk about the Hammer
Youre talking
A show thats hyped
And tight singers
And sweating
So pass them a wipe
Or a tape to learn
What it is going to take
In the 90s
To burn the charts
Either work hard
Or U might as well quit

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