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Freedom - Little Big
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freedom, we'll be free.
we all love you, freedom.

so spread your wings and fly,
there is nothing to go and die.
no matter what you face,
we are to live in love and peace.
a lot of weak are to wither.
let walls come down destroying prison.
stand up and fight if you're right so,
its time to go go go.

you and me are alike don't believe them.
different flags but the souls have the same stem.
standing here in the name of their gambling,
same and resembling,
i want you to hear me

and the sun will be shining forever.
we'll be back from the death fields through the never.
and create the new world full of blessing,
no place for pressing,
i want you to follow me

this is true that the wars can last endlessly.
as its true that we both have the families.
i see you through an aim but my finger,
won't pull a trigger,
you're not the fucking enemy

so much pain and so much violence.
why are billions keeping silence?

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Видеоролик к песне Freedom - App Review: Little Big Adventure (iOS / Android)

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Little Big Adventure is a new adventure title that is available for iOS and Android for € 3.59. However, new is not totally correct, since the title has already been published in 1994 on the PC and the PlayStation. In some countries the game was called "Relentless: Twinsen 's Adventure". The retro specialists from DotEmu released the game classic for mobile platforms. I played the game 20 years ago on a PC and loved Little Big Adventure. But can Little Big Adventure for mobile live up to the expectations?

In the game, you take control of Twinsen. Twinsen lives on Citadele Island, where the evil dictator Dr. FunFrock punishes the people. Twinsen is a dreamer, and one of those dreams has brought him directly to the psychiatry. Because Twinsen dreamed of the destruction of the planet through Dr. FunFrock. So two goals have already been set: To escape from the Psychiatry and to overthrow the dictator. The control of Twinsen is done by simply tapping on the touch screen. You simply tap in the place where Twinsen shall go. With a double tap you can attack opponents. By holding your finger on Twinsen and pulling it away in a small curve Twinsen jumps. Basically, the controls works pretty well, but it would have been nice if the developers would have given Twinsen a little more intelligence so that he could also run around obstacles. So you must always tap here and there on the screen, so that Twinsen can reach the desired position. This is especially frustrating when you're trying to escape from an enemy.

Graphics and sound have noticeable aged - in 1994 no one thought about retina graphics. So you can see pixels in the game the voice acting sounds compressed. But this hardly disturbs the adventure and Little Big Adventure still manages to create a fascinating atmosphere. Unfortunately DotEmu has also taken some things from the original, that are outdated nowadays. First, the game world is relatively open. That is nothing bad, but there is no help except some hotspots where to go and how to deal with obstacles. A much bigger problem is, that Little Big Adventure features an automatic checkpoint and save system, so you have to play through some long sections again and again and again. A manual saving is not possible. And that is really frustrating.

My conclusion:
Little Big Adventure is a wonderful adventure. The story is great, the locations and characters fascinating and the music full of atmosphere. Unfortunately the title can't show his strengths. Twinsen can't find the paths to a tapped position by himself, and in particular the automatic save system creates a lot of frustration. Hopefully DotEmu delievers an update in the near future, because otherwise a good adventure can't show its potential.

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