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Rain (feat. Lone Wolf) - Denace
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[Verse 1] [Denace]
Back when, back when I was like ten
10 years old playing basketball, 5 foot short but standing tall
Mid-90's when rap was raw, I dreamt big dreams, I dreamt it all
I said to myself "you can have it all", I never looked back, shit damn it all
So now I attack like a pack of dogs or a pack of wolves, I strap my shoes
I walked these miles, no backward moves, I never acted cool, stayed after school
Played chess in the 4th grade, momma made good food like a gourmet
See daddy was missing like all day so I fucked the world like an O.J
Now every other day I got a court date
If you treat life bad, she won't stay
Either abide by the law or pay
I felt lowercase shit, no name
There was a match sitting next to the propane
I was the gas and the match was my whole brain
I blew up inside around fourteen
Depression went through our vains
Then rap came along and saved me
I felt crazy, on top of that I was angry
Nothing else could contain me

[Hook x2] [Lone Wolf]
Rain beats slow, down my window
Rain below, my life is good for more

[Verse 2] [Lone Wolf]
I don't recall a night where my life first striked
To my body like a knife in a hood fight
All I know is now I'm here, lil hood tight
Neighborhood says I'm strange, don't look right
See, my moms is black and my pops is white
And around seven ? like was not common in sight
I remember once in the store a nigga threatened my life
Like "fuck you in my hood for" sweating in tight
I'm just trying to get some candy, bagging the dough
And ? wanna bag me up
? tagged me up
Leave a nigga dead, cold as fuck
Luckily though them clowns wasn't know shit
And on my mind I'm like this is fucking bullshit
And if you want it man, I got a fucking full clip
? you would do the same quick
Now I'm angry and give a fuck how you paint me
And give a fuck what you name me
I was gangbanging, a little crazy, Lord save me
And that's just what he did, I was blessed with a kid
Still a kid myself with a destiny to live
He took away the anger, let waste to the pain
Gotta raise my seed now, and glory his name, Jesus

[Hook x2] [Lone Wolf]
Rain beats slow, down my window
Rain below, my life is good for more

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