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Слушать Голден Фредди и Фредди DEAR BROTHER в мп3 онлайн бесплатно! 5 ночей с Фредди

Голден Фредди и Фредди (DEAR BROTHER) - 5 ночей с Фредди
5 ночей с фредди песня

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Dear brother can you hear my calls?
My cries from outside the halls
The monsters inside me haunt my lasting dreams
A curse that always bleeds
In my dying breath I repeat your name
I can see your figures in this haunted game
I sleep knowing you
Were standing by

I remember all those times we spent
The mind that i bent with my masks
I could hear you shout the words so dear
( Just let me out of here)
But alas, I coldn't heal your broken shards
I had stolen the one thing close to your heart
Now you die knowing I
Was standing by

Now I rise through holy trinity
I'm whole again
I've comind to and end
The nighare is finally over
I rest in peace
(Trough the tears on my face I wave goodbye)
Tell the world I'm free
(Your soul is free)
Let go of my hand
(I can't, I won't)
Let go of my cries
(Don't leave me here
With my fear in my heart)
I take to the land of the angels
I finally fly
(Oh, what have I done?
I can't escape what I've become)

I will never forget you... Brother....


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