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Слушать Northern Girl Eurovision 2002 в мп3 онлайн бесплатно! 10-Россия 2002Премьер-Министр

Northern Girl (Eurovision 2002) - 10-Россия 2002Премьер-Министр
песня россия 2002

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Весь репертуар 10-Россия 2002Премьер-Министр

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In all my wanderings around the world
I've seen so many kinds of pretty girls
All of them like precious stones
Sparkling on their own
I found them fiery, tender, bright and sweet
In Rome and Paris, Lisbon and Madrid
But one girl remains for me
Still a real mystery
I've been thinkin' about you

Northern girl Lady Ice
How can I melt you baby
Northern girl never cries
Tough like a pearl
Northern girl frosty eyes
I wanna melt you baby
Northern girl

We drink the sunset like ruby wine
But still you keep your head and hold the line
Even when you look aside
I admire your pride
We stand together closely skin to skin
You look forbidding as the Snow Queen

But I hear your secret call
'Cause your fortress has no walls
I'm still thinkin' about you

And when you ask me tonight
Why I search for love so so far
I will hold you and whisper
You're my northern star guiding star baby


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