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Things haven't been the same since my birthday
We went to Fazbear's, that was the worst day ...

[Verse 1]
Home alone in this awful darkness
I don't even know where my dad or mom is
Never been a fan of animatronics
Can I get a grown-up to check in my closet?
Just heard a noise, I don't know where it went
To the right or left, is it under my bed?
This must be a joke, and it's all in my head
But what if I'm in hell and I'm already dead?
Calm down, take it slow
Check the halls, listen close
Shut the door, better keep it closed
What's behind it? I don't wanna know
Fazbear's Pizza, thought it was gone
Freddy and his friends are far from done
Did you hear that? Now here they all come
Five Long Nights and I'm only on one

Welcome home, girls and boys
Time to play with brand new toys
Nighares lurk inside your mind
Now no place is safe to hide
You have nowhere to run
So why not join the fun?
At night, we come to life
Come closer, we don't bite

[Verse 2]
I don't believe that for one second
Gonna keep my distance and I'll be pleasant
If you wanna be my friend then prove it
I got a flashlight and I know how to use it
That's right, step back from me
I'll snap at you if you snap at me
And then I'll flash you when you try attacking me
I hope that I don't run out of batteries
Oh my god, I'm on my own
Left alone, and I'm not that old
Wish there was a lock on the door
Where am I now? This is not my home
Oddly enough, feels like I'm not alone
Whoa, sorry guys, but you got to go
My mom and dad are not comfortable
With robots watching me when I'm all alone


Things haven't been the same since my birthday
We went to Fazbear's, that was the worst day
I'm crying out now, somebody help me
Cuz when I open up my eyes they surround me
Why did it have to be me?
Nobody else believes me
Will nothing here give me peace?
Maybe death will set me free

[Part 3]
No I'm not giving up easy
Ain't gonna let a cupcake eat me
You're not real, I call your bluff
(WAH) That scare was real enough
Even when they're not in business
I'm number one on Fredbear's hit list
Time for the nighares to go away
(Nobody told you? We're here to stay)


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