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Nothing to Fear - Нюша

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Ive been around, and Ive been thinking
More than I can, found you
I got a waste, nothing to fear
Cos we can find ourselves
Now Ill find, all I feel lost
When my tears, drip in a bag
Little angels, always help me
Get me up, they say

Nonothing to fear
They say, no nothing to fear

Ive been a fight, worlds around me
When afraid, more little cry
Like all those feelings, with no flying
Giving me that something more than I could say
Now I feel full, with no liar
Worst of all, when they go
Boy I found, that was a winning
My little heart, it says me

No nothing to fear
It says me, nonothing to fear
O, no nothing to fear
It says me, no nothing to fear

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