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Слушать "Какая ты красивая" You\'re Such a Good Looking Woman, 1970 г. в мп3 онлайн бесплатно! Джо Долан Joe Dolan, ирланд. певец, актер, муз-т, 1939-2007 гг.

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Весь репертуар Джо Долан (Joe Dolan), ирланд. певец, актер, муз-т, 1939-2007 гг.

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When God created a woman for me
He must have been in a beautiful mood,
To show the world what a woman could be,
When he created a woman like you.
He made the sun shine right out of your eyes,
And made the moon glow all over your hair,
He put a soft summer breeze in your sighs,
So you would breathe summer into the air.

Oh me oh my you make me sigh you're such a good lookin' woman.
When people stop and people stare, you know it fills my heart with pride.
You watch their eyes, they're so surprised,
that you've fallen out of Heaven.
And if you listen to what they're talking about, They're talking about who's walking about with an angel at his side.

Up there in Heaven I'll bet they are mad
I'll bet somebody will want to know why,
The most incredible angel they had,
Was found to be quite unable to fly.
D'you know what they had forgotten to do?
Up there where they make all those heavenly things, They made an angel as lovely as you,
But they'd forgotten to fit you with wings

Oh me oh my...

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